TSM Sales analysis: 30 days

Let’s take another look at how my sales have been. I’ve done some sales analysis posts before and they are usually quite illuminating about what works and what doesn’t. We will use my “main” realm as the guinea pig to see how my gold has shaken out.

TSM summary

This is my overall TSM summary. As we can see from my TSM summary my overall sales are still quite strong. Average sales are 91 341 gold per day. If we compare this to my last analysis the numbers are quite a bit down however. In November my 30 day average sales was 158k. Obviously I am not too thrilled about this, but I am not too shocked either. With the birth of my daughter I have spent a lot less time on this realm. I have been very lax in restocking my crafting markets and I suspect we will see that my sales in enchanting and cooking are WAY down.

Gold Graph

As you can see from the graph I have been buying a ton of tokens lately. At one point I was gold capped on this realm, but I have been spending gold on tokens like a drunk sailor. Outside the token drops we can easily see that the overall trend in my gold is very positive. Over the last thirty days I made over 2 million gold and then promptly spent it all on tokens! This is with very minimal restocking, mostly just reposting my stock. The only markets I have restocked at all is BoEs.


Top sellers

If we compare this to my November post it is very obvious that my volume is much lower, especially for enchants. I have not been restocking that market much and it really shows. We can also see that I have only sold 3 Vials of the sands in the last 30 days compared to 7 in November. This is a combination of not keeping them constantly in stock and a slower repost schedule. You can also see that I am selling a decent volume of the MoP PvP crafted gear (post coming up on that in the future).

Top buys

What a short list! The only things I’ve bought this month are 9 Antorus BoEs. I have spent most of my crafting time working on my challenge realm, sop I pretty much haven’t been logging into any of my main account characters here and it shows. I had to prioritize something away, and this realm has mostly been it. Sales are still great, so I’m pretty happy overall.

Main Markets

So let’s look at how some of my main markets have gone lately. 80 000 of my daily sales have come from two markets: BoEs and Expensive mounts. Outside of those I have made small amounts of gold (about 2k daily) from Enchanting, MoP PvP Gear, Transmog and leatherworking.


If we look at the overall data for purchases and sales we can see that I have actually lost money on BoEs. All of my purchases are in the last week though, so we would expect sales to be slightly better going forward. If we disregard that I would be about 800k in the money here. I have been buying much more expensive BoEs lately as well, focusing on high end Antorus BoEs. This means that my sales will come in bursts. You can see the Hulking Demoligher Legplates I bought for 400k in the screenshot. If I can get a more regular buying pattern going and repost a bit more often I expect sales and expenses will converge a bit more.

If we compare my numbers to November, both my average sales and purchases are about half what they were. This is likely due to the fact that I have not been restocking. Getting cheap BoEs of the market will help make your offering more attractive and have more auctions posted. The decline in value of 101 BoEs also likely plays a role here.

Expensive mounts

This is where the majority of my profits have been lately. We can see from the top sellers above that I have been moving a very nice volume of mounts in all categories. Vials, panthers, Sky golems and rockets have all sold well. Keeping them all in stock has been an issue as I have not really found time to craft lately, but that being what it is sales have been good. My average daily sales were 47k in November, so the dropoff has actually been very small in this market, even with the very real decline in posting activity. This market is also likely to remain strong forever as mounts are always in demand and the expensive vendor mats are a huge barrier to entry in terms of capital. So if you are not in any of these markets by now it’s time to read up on posts and get in!

I’m still doing pretty well!

Overall things are still doing very well. I wish there was a simple way to exclude tokens from the overall TSM summary so I could have a more accurate view of my gold making related spend and sales, but overall it’s pretty clear my activities are working.

If you want to look at your own sales you can find all of this information in the accounting pane of TSM. It can be very illuminating!


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