Obliterum in patch 7.3

Obliterum has been one of the main markets in Legion, but I have not written too extensively on it. The general idea has always been to buy cheap materials, craft stuff, and then obliterate it for ash. 100 ash turns into 1 obliterum that can be used to upgrade the item level of crafted gear. The market has changed A LOT over time however. It can be very profitable, although it is currently not doing amazing.

Obliterum versus Primal Obliterum

In 7.3 Blizzard added a new form of Obliterum, Primal Obliterum. Primal Obliterum is obtained by turning in one Obliterum and one Primal Sargerite to Trader Caelen in Dalaran, by the Obliterum Forge.

Obliterum throughout Legion

There has been several shuffles to craft obliterum that have worked well throughout the legion. The three best professions for crafting obliterum have been enchanting, engineering and alchemy. We’re going to take a quick look at the shuffles for all three of these professions and look at how it’s performing at the moment.


Alchemy was extremely popular early in Legion for crafting Obliterum. The main shuffle has always been to turn yseralline seed into ancient healing potions to obliterate. The potions give 1.5 ash each on average so the method is extremely clicking intensive. With the rank 3 recipe it shakes out to 178 yseralline seeds per Obliterum.

You can also turn the Infernal alchemist stones into obliterum, where each stone gives about 130 ash. This is gated by Blood of Sargeras, but it can be a nice dump for your bloods.


Enchanting has been my main source of obliterum throughout the expansion. The rank 3 ring enchants yield about 130 ash on average so the method has always been extremely good from a time spent perspective. I have been using this ever since I wrote about it back in November up until 7.3 launched and the obliterum market fell a lot.


Engineering is a bit of a dark horse for obliterum. The main recipe for obliterum is the skullblasters. They yield a massive 550 ash on average, so the method will create a lot of obliterum. The problem is that hardened felglass is quite limited in supply, but the method has been extremely strong if you can source the Felglass. I used this extensively in my Zero to One Million Challenge.

7.3 crafts and obliterum

Patch 7.3 added a bunch of new crafted gear to the game. All of these have new obliterum yields. The recipes also use new crafting materials leading to a completely separate economy. Most of the crafts require Primal Sargerite, so they cannot be reliably mass produced for obliterum.

But there is one very important exception: the new Epic Gems!


Jewelcrafting is the king of obliterum in 7.3. The new epic gems can be obliterated both as cut and uncut versions. The red, green and blue gems are usually very cheap. One gem yields about 64 ash. This makes the method quite good from a time spent point of view as well.

Comparing the methods using EU region prices

Below I have summarized the profitability for the main methods using EU region mean prices from theunderminejournal.

The region mean price for obliterum is 1141 gold and 1556 gold for primal obliterum.

As we can easily see from the table above the most profitable shuffle is the ancient healing or ancient mana potion shuffle. It is closely followed by the new epic gems. The ring enchants are not particularly profitable and the skullblasters are extremely variable.

Your realm will be different

This view uses the EU mean prices, and they are not going to be representable for every realm. The general trend will likely hold true, but i suspect that more methods will be profitable on most realms. You can check the profitability of all of these crafts using my spreadsheet for your realm. I suspect you will find that the epic gems are the best methods. These do not even require you to have jewelcrafting as you can often just straight up buy gems from the AH and obliterate them.

Selling obliterum

You can find my TSM group for obliterum in my pastebin here. It is not Specialized for any of the shuffles. You will most likely want to set the minimum price based on your crafting cost for obliterum. I generally prefer setting the minimum price so i get at least a 20% profit margin. What that is depends on which method you are using. For epic gems I would set the minimum price to 2 times my purchase price for the gems.




2 thoughts on “Obliterum in patch 7.3

  1. What do you think will happen to (Primal) Obliterum in patch 7.3.5? Will they increase the base ilvl of crafted gear again or increase the obliterum cap to 12 or 14 or just leave it as it is?

    1. I have no idea. I wouldnt be surprised if they did something, but I’m not going to speculate on what.

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